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About Skupny Photographer London

I am a professional photographer based in the bustling Barbican area of the City of London, specializing in the artistry of Jewellery Photography.

My photographic journey commenced at the youthful age of 16 when I captured my inaugural event—a wedding. Back then, navigating the realm of 5-color 35mm films felt like a monumental task, marking the beginning of a journey that spans over two decades. Since those early days, I have acquired academic credentials, including A levels in Art Photography and an MA in Fine Arts/Multimedia Art. The dynamic nature of the industry has led me to engage in numerous transactions involving cameras and lenses, witnessing the transformative evolution within the field.

Photography is not merely my profession; it is the essence of my existence. While my specialization lies in jewellery and silverware product photography, I also weave my photographic expertise into various events throughout the year, as well as portrait sessions.

Balancing the demands of my professional life with the joys of motherhood, I am the proud mother of two delightful girls. Efficiency becomes paramount whenever I am immersed in my work.

Assay Office Photography Services

I collaborate closely with the Assay Office at Goldsmiths’ Hall to deliver exceptional Photography Services tailored to meet the demands of our discerning clientele.

Here’s how it works:

Following an initial consultation over the phone or email, I schedule the date for the photoshoot, understanding the nuances of tight deadlines and unforeseen challenges, often navigating the unpredictable world of polishers with a smile. Flexibility in timing is a cornerstone of my service, catering to clients who may have only one ring at a time needing immediate attention before being handed over. To enhance efficiency and minimize expenses, I often schedule multiple clients with a fewer number of items on the same day. Clients have the flexibility to attend the photo shoot or opt for the convenient option of leaving their pieces at the Assay Office, where they were hallmarked, to be picked up at their convenience. During the comprehensive post-production phase, which spans up to two weeks, the meticulous attention dedicated to jewellery and silverware retouching may necessitate several hours for a single image. During this stage, collaboration with the maker ensures a satisfactory representation of colors and a nuanced intervention into the photograph.

Ever ready for the unknown, I am enthusiastic about discussing your project, whether it involves capturing a few shots of your earrings or orchestrating a large-scale media campaign. Let’s turn your vision into captivating visuals!

Pierre, Director of Urban Roof Gardens:

With a Master’s degree in Fine Art from the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun, Poland, Julia wields both her camera and her mouse with equal artistry and precision. Providing both artistic and photographic material for all our digital or print needs, Julia ís rampant creativity excites us all! Her still and moving images have been exhibited across Europe to great acclaim.